MIGA Memories: Takeaways and Thank-yous

I learned so much during my internship at MIGA. The E&S specialists I worked with were very helpful, supportive, and welcoming. MIGA does incredible work promoting foreign direct investment in developing countries. It was great to be a part of this agency and to support its cause.

Interning at MIGA gave me new insights into the international development community, which I had previously only explored through my international relations and economics coursework. I will return to school with a deeper understanding of the intricacies of development finance, as well as how international institutions function, and the role that environmental and social sustainability concerns play in them.

I have met many people during my time at MIGA, who I intend to keep in touch with as I continue my studies (one E&S specialist even went to William & Mary for business school!). In addition, my writing and research skills improved over the course of my internship. I was lucky to have a supervisor who gave me detailed feedback on my assignments, and who walked me through how to use new research tools, including RepRisk and IBAT. When I completed ad hoc assignments for other E&S specialists, they took the time to explain what was expected of me and the best way to approach the assignments.

Looking back on my time at MIGA, I realize how much I have learned, both in terms of knowledge and skills. I made close relationships with the people I worked with, and I learned how to navigate a professional work environment. I also had a lot of fun over the course of my internship, spending the 4th of July watching the fireworks over the National Mall from the windows of my office, going on the company picnic at a nearby resort, and mingling with colleagues at happy hours. I am so grateful to the Charles Center for allowing me to complete this internship. It was an amazing experience and a great way to spend my summer!